Your  Road  to  Better  Health 

My name is Ann Dierickx, I'm in my 60's and believe that we can all enjoy a much better life by eating healthy and staying fit with a little exercise weekly. 

Eating whole natural foods and using natural products for pain relief may help you to live longer and have a better quality of life. 

Our kids are overweight due to sitting around to much on the computer, watching too much T.V. or just not being told to go out and Play! 

We have an obesity crisis and I'm here to help.

Alternative and Holistic Health Care is the only way to go and to keep you healthy and live a long happy life free of most pain.

I have kept up with it all and believe me it is time consuming but worth it!

Eating healthy and staying fit are a big part of my life and hope to influence others by my example.